The Day I Ate 50 Mishkaki

This week, we all made a lot of progress with our projects. At the Tukwamuane kitchen, we led the mamas in making pineapple-flavoured yoghurt (maziwa mgando mananasi), and handed out free samples to people from the surrounding community. Everyone seemed to like it, so hopefully this is something the mamas can introduce into their product line. We plan to return regularly to Tukwamuane to track yoghurt quality, which I’ll enjoy doing – the mamas are very welcoming. On our first day, they gave us some delicious chapatti and ginger tea for breakfast.

Something else I want to do is carry out a nutritional intervention in an orphanage or school using Fiti juice and observe the positive effects experienced by the children. We visited the Foundation Karibu, which takes in severely abused children, helping them heal physically and psychologically, and counsels their families before re-integrating them. The children were drinking uji with moringa, which Makachia, who helps direct the foundation, says is the reason they heal so fast – moringa is known to be packed with micronutrients. Hopefully adding Fiti will amplify its effects.

I spent this past weekend in Dar Es Salaam with family friends! It’s a very cosmopolitan city, with a population five times the size of Mwanza. I ate a lot of local delicacies, including fresh cassava chips, choma (grilled meat), and mishkaki. I’ve written about mishkaki in Mwanza before, but it’s different in Dar Es Salaam. At one point, I ate 50 in one sitting – this is not an exaggeration. My friends also took me to the Slipway market, which has a huge selection of souvenirs. Dar Es Salaam is also much more multicultural than Mwanza, so I didn’t feel like I stood out as a mzungu. Overall, it was a fun and refreshing break.

Our time in Tanzania is halfway done. In some ways, it feels like a long time, but we have a lot left to do! It will be a busy and productive six weeks.

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