One more month!

At the beginning of my internship, three months felt like forever. Now that I only have a month left, I feel compelled to work quickly and have been busier than ever.

Our work at Foundation Karibu Tanzania is going well. The children love the juice! They’ve also been gaining weight and none of them have developed fevers since the beginning of the intervention, all good signs.

Most excitingly, kitchens are starting to implement Fiti juice as one of their products. Kathy and I have been visiting kitchens and training them in juice-making. Everyone has been extremely friendly and receptive. At the Ebeneza kitchen, they even served us a delicious lunch of ugali and sardines after the training. And Mama Yusta, who we also trained, showed us her amazing collection of handmade bags.

From left: Kathy, Mama Yusta, myself and Mama Theo

We have also filmed a Fiti training video in Lily’s kitchen demonstrating the proper protocol in making various Fiti products. Once it is translated, it will be implemented as part of MikonoYetu’s training long after we leave. It feels good to know that our work here has been useful and will continue to benefit people. Lily was the first Mama to help us and we will really miss her. She was kind enough to let us cook in her kitchen – I’ve missed cooking!

The plan over the next few weeks is to continue training kitchens in making juice, and to wrap up our intervention at Foundation Karibu. I am excited to go home; I miss my family and friends, but I’ll also miss the friends I’ve made in Mwanza!

Food we cooked at Lily’s house – wild rice pilaf and chicken cacciatore

Yassin, who directs Kivulini Women’s Rights, has a restaurant on top of a hill. He has a great collection of Maasai blankets!

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