About Me
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Megha is a student at Western University in the department of Microbiology and Immunology. She will be starting fourth year in the fall and is looking forward to continuing work in probiotics research upon her return.




Internship Placement and Partners

Megha is in Mwanza, Tanzania, working with MikonoYetu, a women-led non-profit organization committed to economically empowering girls and women to access, own, and control land resources more productively and profitably. MikonoYetu partners with Western Heads East to support the establishment of probiotic yogurt micro-enterprises through the empowerment of women throughout East Africa. The probiotic yogurt is based on the research of Dr. Gregor Reid, a scientist and professor at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.His work has demonstrated that probiotics can improve health, particularly in those with HIV/AIDS through combating bacterial infections, preventing gastrointestinal issues, and increasing immune system efficiency.  During her internship, Megha will be assisting with expansion of the probiotic nutritional program to include fermented fruit juices.

Read more at MikonoYetu’s website.


Internship Goals

The goal of this internship is to foster healthy relationships with partners in Mwanza. Megha hopes to complete the research that is required of her both efficiently and with detail, as well as successfully establish a lasting partnership between Mikono Yetu and local schools to provide nutritional interventions for students. Above all, she hopes to become a conscientious and compassionate global citizen and gain an understanding of how we in the global North can help promote sustainable economic development in other areas of the world. Megha will also complete a Medical Sciences course credit during her time in Mwanza.